Writers of Rohan

Join A Group of Motivated, Christian Writers in Kalamazoo

Are you struggling to overcome your fear of sharing your work? Do you find it hard to stay accountable and motivated to achieve your writing goals? Look no further, as our community provides the perfect safe environment to help you connect with like-minded Christian writers who share your passion for writing. Here, you’ll receive constructive feedback on your work, gain valuable insights from more experienced writers, and share your knowledge with those who are just starting out. Plus, you’ll build lasting relationships with other writers who will support and motivate you every step of the way. Join the Writers of Rohan, the Christian Writing group, today and write your way to spiritual growth while making new friends in the process!

Connect with Other Writers

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Meeting Details

Dates and Times

We meet on the First Wednesday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST.

We meet in-person at Kazoo Books (2413 Parkview Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008). Parking is in the back of the building. We meet in the Annex building (the one on the right if you park in the parking lot).
Contact us or email Xavier at xavier@writersofrohan.com for details.

Meeting Content

We meet to discuss works from our members and offer feedback. Our meetings are fairly relaxed, but we like to keep them focused on improving your writing skill.

Why Join Our Writing Group?

Stay Accountable and Finish Your Projects

It’s hard to consistently put in the work it takes to write something worth reading. Having a group to hold you accountable helps. We won’t force you into tight deadlines (unless you want them), but we will encourage you to write consistently and for readers.

Get Feedback from Other Writers

It’s hard to know how well you’re doing on a work without someone to read it. We offer a low-stakes way to get feedback on your work from other writers. We will grow together, and you can sharpen your own understanding by providing feedback of your own.

Edify Other Christian Writers

The fiction we write isn’t all about Christianity. We’re not all C.S. Lewis. Some of the things we write may portray people sinning. But you can rest assure that the Writers of Rohan is a writing group formed of Christians. We seek to glorify God and to futher his virtues in the world through our writing. If you want to edify and be edified through your writing, join us today!

Connect with Other Writers

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