Writers of Rohan


Looking for some good writing resources? Here are some that we’ve found helpful.
If you want some feedback on your own work, join us!



  • Scrivener: Full writing platform for writing prose, organizing drafts, collecting notes, everything, really. A little pricy and hard to get used to, but worth it for organizing and exporting long drafts.
  • iAWriter: Nice distraction-free editor with simple formatting (bold, italics, headings, etc.) that lets you directly export to Word or your text editor of choice.
  • Hemmingway: Useful tool for picking out problems in your prose. Better to use the online version, as most of what it does can also be found in the Editor section of Word.
  • Dark Room: Simple, distraction-free writing editor for Windows that’s free.

Writing Books

Most of these books can be found online for free (legally) through archive.org.

  • How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card: Great book on writing in the Speculative Fiction genre by one of the genre’s greats.
  • Scene and Structure by Jack Bickham: Cover some specifics of writing scenes and a helpful framework for structuring your stories.